Today we have brought an extremely arresting article about the  largest desalination companies in the world, based on Insider Monkey’s latest compilation.

Freshwater is in high demand all around the world, and the desalination companies are under pressure to decrease this demand. As more than 97% of the total water supply of the Earth is saltwater, seawater can be a great opportunity to cater to the water demands of the world. Water is the most important thing for life, and it’s essential for the human body, as well. As many countries lack of water, the process of desalination people can get fresh drinking water. Now, when desalination technology is widely available in the world, these plants have started to form a growing market.

The desalination market is predicted to grow by 9% and is said to reach $32 billion mark by 2025. As the global population is continuously growing, the demand of freshwater is also increasing, but the water is not only limited but its access is hard sometimes. Therefore several areas depend on the desalination plants, but the cost of operation is pretty high since many times the water has to be shipped from a distance.

And now, without a further ado, let’s check out what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. At first, on the fifth spot, we can find Hitachi Zosen with a total revenue of $3,853.2 million. Hitachi Zosen is a Japan headquartered engineering and industrial company that is specialized in industrial plants, wastewater treatment plants, power plants and several others. The company has a subsidiary in Australia, which is involved in desalination and is present in Australia, India and the Middle East. The company and its subsidiary can fast track emergency containerized seawater desalination plants that can be mobilized to  client’s sites anywhere in the world. On the fourth spot, there’s Acciona with an amazing revenue of $8,560.4 million. Spain-based Acciona is among the largest desalination companies in the world. Actually, it provides more than 455HM3 of desalinated water. For further infortmation, please skip to the largest desalination companies in the world.


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