Perhaps never in the history did the largest drug companies in the world have bigger attention than now, as the whole world is suffocating under the pressure of the coronavirus pandemic. Insider Monkey’s latest article is about these companies now.

The whole world is concentrating on the pandemic and awaiting the solution from the drug companies and their labs. It goes without saying that after the first wave of the pandemic, people could breathe again, we nursed hopes that we wouldn’t have to face with self-isolation and other strict restrictions but the hopes didn’t come true. We are in the middle of the second wave, and although in early November Pfizer announced to have an exceptionally promising vaccine against the coronavirus, it will still take some time, until we can declare we have managed to get over it. Without a shadow of a doubt we can say the whole world can hardly wait for an effective vaccine, as we will be able to continue our life at long last. And the world can start to rebuild what the pandemic demolished. People can travel again, companies can restart and eliminate the damages the pandemic caused. Naturally, these drug companies didn’t researched only related to the COVID-19 coronavirus, but Swine Flu, Ebola and many other diseases.

And now, let’s check out what Insider Monkey has researched for you. Hereby we have brought two of the largest drug companies, but if you click the largest drug companies in the world, you will gain more detailed information. GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE:GSK) stands on the fifth spot, and considering its unbelievable revenue of $45,226.5 million its position on the list is not surprising. This British pharma mammoth concentrates on consumer health products, vaccines and medicines. Pfizer is always in the top three, and it has got its well-deserved third spot with its jaw-dropping revenue of $48,649 million. Pfizer now seems to have won the competion among the largest drug companies, as it announced to have developed a very promising vaccine against the COVID-19. What is sure – the world is paying attention to Pfizer and its vaccine!


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