Would you like to know more about the largest ecommerce companies in the world? Great! We are here to present you with Insider Monkey’s latest article. By now ecommerce has spread globally and all those, who have an internet connection and even a smartphone, can order and purchase all the necessities and luxuries they need.

What can be more comfortable than sitting at home in your armchair with a glass of wine in hand, and checking out the most fashionable clothes on the internet, and hezitating which one to choose? You don’t need to travel there and back, wander in the crowd only to queue up in your winter coat just to feel incredibly hot. You can get rid of all these unpleasant things, and can enjoy only the positive side of shopping. What’s more, you can arrange your everyday shopping online, too – the only thing you have to decide whether to cook stew or steak today. Unfortunately, this year has shown another aspect of online shopping and ecommerce, as due to the coronavirus pandemic we had to undergo several strict restrictions, such as remote work, self-isolation and curfew. Consequently, ecommerce has been among the very few industries that have experienced quick and unexpected boom. During the first wave of the pandemic suddenly everybody had to change their shopping habits, and numbers of ecommerce have multiplied. According to Insider Monkey’s research, all this has resulted a jaw-dropping 129% YOY growth in the US alone, and it is still increasing even today, as the pandemic is pretty far from the end. On the other hand, Christmas is approaching, which makes people buy more products than in any other period of the year. For instance, Amazon Inc is reported to have a 28% to 38% sales growth in 2020 than the previous year, which is quite  an astounding growth figure but not surprising.

And now, let’s check out Insider Monkey’s results. As you may probably get used to it, we are giving a short summarize of two items from the entire list. Target (NYSE:TGT) is on the fourth spot with its amazing ecommerce revenue of $ 84,653,000,000. In the second quarter of the year its sales growth was 24.3% and can boast with more than 10 million new digital guests in the same period. Without a shadow of a doubt, Alibaba (NYSE:BABA) deserves its second place on the compilation, as it had an ecommerce revenue of $ 88,355,900,000. For more thought-provoking details, please click the largest ecommerce companies in the world.


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