5 Largest Electronics Companies in the World


Do you like electronics and you are interetes in the  largest electronics companies in the world? Great! Today we present you with Insider Monkey’s latest compilation on this topic. Comparing it to other industries, such as oil and gas, eletctronics industry is a relatively new one. Yet, its worth of total global sales exceeded $481 billion in 2018. The industry, however, can boast with trillions of revenues, and it’s among those that grow steadily and quickly. No wonder, as wherever we look around us, we can see electrical gadgets, and the year of 2020 has proven that we can’t get on without them.

We have smartphones, smart TVs, smart household gadgets, and our homes are so well-equipped with them, we hardly need to do anything with our own hands. The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 affected the whole world economy, not only the electronics industry. Around 57 million people were infected and more than a million people died. Due to the global industrial lockdown, workforce was unavailable in this sector too, consequently its revenues also decreased.

So which are the largest electrinics companies? Come with us and let’s read through the list together. We can find Panasonic on the fifth place, which isn’t surprising, as this company is world-wide known. It was launched in Japan more than a hundred years ago, and originally Panasonic manufactured lightbulbs. Later on it grew to a mammoth company that produces TVs home theater systems, speakers among others. I can remember our first video player manfucatured by Panasonic… We were eyxtremely happy with it, and used it for a long time.

Total revenue in 2019 (in millions of dollars): 68,897

Total profit in 2019 (in millions of dollars): 2,076

Total assets in 2019 (in millions of dollars): 57,542

Total employees: 259,385

Hitachi standing on the third spot, is also a Japan headquartered electronics giant. It was formed 110 years ago and is interested in ten major business segments. For more companies and detailed information, please see the list of the largest electronics companies in the world.

Total revenue in 2019 (in millions of dollars): 80,639

Total profit in 2019 (in millions of dollars): 806

Total assets in 2019 (in millions of dollars): 91,886

Total employees: 301,056