5 Largest European Companies By Market Cap in 2020


Today we are going to show you around the world of the  largest European companies by market cap in 2020, based on Insider Monkey’s latest article. Europe is probably the most developed continent in the world, that’s why it is in our focus today. Western European countries are generally considered to have the highest standard of living all around the world, especially the Nordic countries. No wonder, these countries are favourit destinations of those who want to migrate to another country.

Although the United States is the most powerful country in the world, but Western European countries are faring far better. Nevertheless, the combined GDP of the European Union is less than that of the United States at $18.3 trillion. We have already published articles about American mammoth companies, but reading throught the entire list and the numbers of the total market caps, you will see that Old Continent can boast with large companies as well.

And now, without a further ado, let’s check out what Insider Monkey has brought up with. We have picked up two companies from their compilation, as usual. At first, on the fifth spot, here’s Total SA (NYSE:TOT) with a total market cap as at June 30, 2020 of 197 billion dollars. It’s France headquartered, and actually, is the largest oil and gas company of France. Its revenues were more than $200 billion in 2019. The company operates in many fields, from exploration, extraction to production, and it also trades and markets as well. On the third spot we can find LVMH with a jaw-dropping total market cap as at June 30, 2020 of 220 billion dollars. It’s another French company, actually it’s the larges one by market cap. It was launched after merger of Moet Hennessy, Moet & Chandon and Louis Vuitton in 1987. Hennessy is the oldest one among them, as it was formed 277 years ago. Now the company deals with producing of luxury articles, such as perfumes, cosmetics, fashion acessories, watches and of course wines and spirits. As a matter of fact, it’s among the largest beverage companies in the world. If you want to know more about this topic, please jump to largest European companies by market cap in 2020.