5 Largest Fiber Optic Companies in the World


Today we are going to discuss the largest fiber optic companies in the world, published by Insider Monkey lately. What is fiber optics? Well, it’s one of the most important part of the internet. Optical fibers are made of glass, high-grade plastic, silica through which light signals can be transmitted with very little loss of strength.

Actually, what else can be more important in these pandemic-stricken year, but the internet itself? Whole industries were enforced to lock down, and people were sent home. Millions could do remote work, while others just stayed at home and waited for the end of the period of self-isolation. Hundreds of millions of people worked, played, did shopping and got connected with their beloved ones with the help of the internet. No wonder, this industry has risen into the most inevitable ones in the world.

After all this introduction, you must be eager to know which are the largest fiber optic companies across the globe. As you could probably get to used to it, we have picked up two companies from Insider Monkey’s list. The first one Furukawa Electric Co Ltd stands on the fifth spot with its revenue of $8.27 billion, and its market cap of $187.075 billion. Furukawa supplies 70% of the Japanese market, but it also operates in China and North America. They have been also engaged in light metals and metals, energy and industrial products, electronic and automotive systems, and telecommunications (fiber optics and network equipment) for 125 years. As of 2019, they had a net income of $17, 640 million and a total of $ 794,616 million in assets. Furukawa is followed by Prysmian Spa, and Italian giant. Its revenue is $11.2 billion, while its market cap is $8.436 billion. It trades its products to Siemens and Verizon. It has locations in 21 countries with more than 50 plants subsidiaries in 38 countries. They produce telecom cables and systems that make copper, optical, and fiber cables to transmit video, data, and voice files. The company also manufactures underground power cables and submarine cables that transmit high voltage currens and high-speed broadband. As for 2019 the company had $292 million net income. For more arresting and detailed information, please jump to the largest fiber optic companies in the world.