Today we are going to discuss the largest French companies by market cap in 2020, published by Insider Monkey recently. France is among the most visited and most beutiul countries in Western Europe. Its capital, Paris is hallmarked by its famous Eiffel Tower, The Arc de Triomphe, and the country can boast with amazing vineyards in the South of France. Besides its romantic image, we need to mention that France is among the few nuclear powers in the world, actually it’s one the seven confirmed countries to have nuclear weapons alongside Russia, the United States, Pakistan, China, India and the United Kingdom.

The GDP per capita in France is $42,878, and regarding to cities – Paris can boast with of the highest GDPs across the globe besides New York, and Tokyo. All this facts are the reasons why France is a prosperous ground to companies for an exceptional growth. Actually, the largest Franch companies have a value of $1 trillion combined.

After all this introduction, you must be eager to know which are the largest companies in France. We have picked up two companies from Insider Monkey’s list, but if you want to gain more arresting and amazing detailed information about them, jump ahead to the list of the largest French companies by market cap. At first, on the fourth spot there is Total (NYSE:TOT), with its $106.51 billions in dollars of market cap. It’s the biggest French oil and gas company, what’s more, it’s among the largest companies by revenues int he whole world. Acutally it operates in every department of refining oil and gas, from extraction to production, trading and marketing. In 2019 it had a revenue of mora than $200 billion with over 107,000 employees. Up on the list, we geto to the third spot, where Sanofi (NASDAQ:SNY) stands, with its $126.56 billion of market cap. Sanofi is a mammoth company, which is actually among the leaders in pharma and biotech industries in the entire world. According to Insider Monkey’s research, it’s the largest vaccines manufacturer across the globe, and at present its the partner of GKL to develop the vaccine against the COVID-19.


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