5 Largest Software Companies In The World


The medium, either desktop or laptop, on which you are searching the required things is the hardware, while the program which is running your laptop or PC is the software. The software, by definition, is the computer program which provides instruction and data for the execution of different commands given by the users. With the help of software, we can do everything starting from chatting with friends to reading the latest news. Along with fulfilling the demands of individual customers, the majority of the biggest software companies are also offering digital solutions to big businesses. 

With such a huge range of customers, these software companies are earning high levels of revenues. Today, we are going to check out the 5 Largest software companies in the world as ranked by Insider Monkey. Along with checking out their revenues, some other fun facts will also be discussed. These listed companies are offering few highly impactful and important software solutions for worldwide businesses. They span a broader functionality array from business intelligence and data analytics to workflow tools, security, sales enablement, and other types of solutions. Let’s start with the biggest software company Intuit, which is at 5th position in the list. The headquarter of the company is in Mountainview, CA. This company is providing financial compliance and reporting services and products to self-employed, small companies, individuals, accounting professionals in Canada, the USA, and other regions of the world. Intuit is also popular as the leading developer of the software of Silicon Valley including QuickBooks which is utilized for business accounting and TurboTax which is used for consumer tax preparation. There are more than 9400 employees and 50 million customers for the products offered by the company. The total revenues of the company are $6,784 million. 

Adobe Inc. is at 4th position in the list. Adobe Systems Incorporated was established in 1982 and the headquarter of the company is in San Jose, CA. This company is highly famous for its multimedia production software incorporating Lightroom, Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrators, and many others. Adobe Inc is also engaged in the publishing unit (for example, document platforms, web conferencing) and digital experience (for example, advertising or marketing tools). Adobe Systems has acquired Allegorithmic in 2019, which is the Substance manufacturer- a platform that is used for the production of 3D materials and textures in video and game post-production for around $106 million. There are 22,634 employees in the company and the total revenues of Adobe Inc. are $12,436 Million. Interesting? Want to learn about other companies on the list? You can jump to 15 Biggest Software Companies In The World.

5 Largest Software Companies In The World