5 Most Expensive Golf Courses in The World


Playing golf is an amazing way of passing time and have a great day out with friends. Most will agree with that statement. However, having a passion for golf is a completely different thing. Playing golf, as it is, requires quite a bit of money. It is generally considered as the sport of the rich and famous. The accessories that you need, the golf course itself can be really expensive to afford. Especially those that we are going to talk about in the following article. There are world famous architects who design these high end golf courses, and these courses are located at pristine locations, if you wish to golf on these amazing courses, you better be willing to pay a hefty sum for it. Nevertheless, if you have a golfer in you, you most definitely like to learn about these courses and what amazing features these courses have to offer, I can assure you of that. By the way, do you know how and where golf originated? Golf actually originated in Scotland in the sixteenth century, and contrary to the popular belief, golf was not the sport for the rich and famous, rather peasants popularized the concept of it.

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