5 Most Hated Cell Phone Companies in the World


There are many smartphone producing companies around the world. Some began their journey with smartphones exclusively and some are electronic consumer product manufacturing companies who opted for producing smartphones. Today we will be taking a look at companies that failed to acquire the loyal customer base when it came to smartphones or have lost the favor from customers and fallen in to infamy. Whether we care to admit or not we depend on our smartphones quite a lot. From the purposes of plain entertainment to communicating with the rest of the world all is being done within this tiny handheld wonder. So regardless of the reputation of a brand if it fails to deliver optimal performance, it is bound to suffer in the long run.

The dawn of the smartphone era was when, Mr. Steve Jobs introduced his company’s new product the iPhone to the world in the year 2007. Following the products immense success, many giant electronic consumer product manufacturing companies took to the drawing board for developing their own “smartphone”. But striking the balance among all the variables that made a cellphone really smart, proved to be a very tricky job indeed.

If you interested in knowing, which smartphone companies are generally hated my most smartphone users and where they have fallen short compared to the smartphone market leaders please follow the link to 5 Most Hated Cell Phone Companies in the World, to know more on this subject. I can assure you this much, the names on the list will surprise you quite a bit, because most of these companies are world renowned in electronics but yet failed to take hold of the smartphone market.