In this article we are going to read about the most profitable movies of all time published by Insider Monkey lately. How far we have come from the first silent films! Today we have not only amazing techniques of film producing, never-seen comfortable movie theatres, but we also have streaming TV services, lots of genres of movies, and what’s more 14D cinema, whatever it means. We can watch films in 4D, we can even lie on the seat during the film, feeling as if we were at home. With death of Sir Sean Connery lately, we can think how long walk of life he had! From his early films in the late ’50s to his last movies in the 2000s, he could see the magic transformation of the movies.

Can you remember the first film you have seen? Can you remeber the story and the characters? Or movies have always been important parts of your entire life? As for me, I can’t remember the first film, but I can remember the first American detective I saw, and he was Columbo, of course! We excitedly awaited the latest parts of the series, and it was extremely thrilling when we could see only a foot of a “dead man”. Comparing this to the unbelievable technologies and computer tricks we can hardly believe to our eyes. Everything is so real in the movies, even the blood, fractures, intestines – in one word: really everything. But all this has brought an interesting result: our stimulus-threshold has increased significantly. While only one foot of a “dead man” was enough for thrilling, now broken-off limbs and spluttering blood aren’t enough. Consequently, it compels producers to make more and more real and atwirl movies.

During the triumph of the film, we could see brilliant film sudios and their movies, such as Disney’s 20th Century Studios for Avatar (2009) with $3,257,000,000 raised and Titanic (1997) with $3,425,291,642. Or Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind, that has made a considerable amount of $390,525,192. And now, let’s see what Insider Monkey has brought up with. We are giving a short summerize of two films, only. But if you are interested in more details, please jump to the list of the most profitable movies of all time. Avengers: Infinity War (2018) stands on the fourth place on the list with its amazing numbers: Total Box Office -$2,044,540,523, Domestic Box Office – $678,815,482. It’s followed by Titanic (1997) on the second spot with incredible numbers of Total Box Office $2,551,586,545 (including re-release $343.6 million) $2,207,986,545 (initial).


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