5 Powerful Weapons In The World


Now-a-days weapons have become deadlier than ever before. Companies behind ammunition and weapons use the latest technical technology and knowledge in their development. There are various kinds of weapons like mechanical weapons, firearms, chemical weapons, melee weapons, nuclear weapons and psychological weapons. Chemical weapons use lethal chemicals including poisonous gas and other agents to kill and annihilate the enemies. Meanwhile, agents involving biological warfare are used to either minimize or diminish the fighting capability of the enemy. Let’s move to the list of most powerful weapons of the world shared by Insider monkey.

Tsar bomb, commonly known as the hydrogen bomb (RDS-220) is a powerful and deadly weapon. It stands first on the list. It is also popular as Ivan, named after its developer. This bomb of Russian origin, initially was supposed to possess over 100 megatons of Trinitrotoluene as per the plan. But after calculating the risk and destruction factor involved, the power of this bomb was reduced to half. Russian developed two of these bombs, one was original while the other one was a copy. The USSR military tested the bomb way back in 1961. The bomb was so huge in size that the bomber of that time was unable to accommodate it. The military authorities had to make certain changes to the bomber. The bomb was dropped from over 10.5 km height and it detonated 4 km over the ground. The weight of the bomb was 27 tons and the height was 8 meter long. The time when this bomb detonated, the huge fireball was 8 km wide and went as long as 65 km towards the sky. The 35 km area was completely destroyed. This bomb was never used for military purposes as it was just a demo by the Russian military about its power. 

The US officials launched an operation named Castle Bravo to test a hydrogen bomb for the first time in history. This bombs is 2nd on the list. It was in 1954, when the test was carried out by the US military. The test resulted in poisonous nuclear rain in and around that area and directly affected the inhabitants of that island, where the test was carried out. Crew members of a Japanese fishing boat also got poisoned and it raised global concerns about safety of the test. The bomb had 15 megatons of power and Operation Castle Bravo was an important operation in US history. Sources have claimed the Castle Bravo was 1,200 times more devastating as compared to the bomb dropped on Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima at the time of World War II. Want to keep reading more about other bombs? Check out 15 Most Powerful Weapons In The World.

5 Powerful Weapons In The World