5 States with the Cheapest Health Insurance


So which are the  States with the Cheapest Health Insurance? Come with us, as we have brought up with Insider Monkey’s latest article. For getting information about the states with the most expensive health insurance, please jump to the link.

Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, the cheapest heath insurance is always among the hottest question. As of 2020, there are six states with an alarming more than 12% uninsured population. According to Insider Monkey’s research, one in 8 Americans in the states of Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas has no health insurance coverage at all. The average US uninsured rate is set at 8.9%. Hereby you can see some arresting stats on the uninsured categories: marital status 15% for the not married opposed to 7.6% in the married category; race – Hispanic population 16.2%, opposed to white non-Hispanic 5.2%, Black 9.6% and Asian 6.2%; and most curios deviation is in the Income-to-Poverty Ratio, looks like the first category, below 100% of poverty is the least insured, hitting a 15.9% high, compared to 11.3% and 3% for the last 2 categories.

And now, let’s check out what you have come here for – we have picked up two states from Insider Monkey’s list, as usual. At first, on the fifth spot, there is West Virginia, being the third lowest ranking medium wage of $32,640, average earnings of $51,679 and mean wage of $42,370. This state has a $6,326 health insurance rate at 6.4% uninsured Americans. Michigan state stands on the fourth spot. The health care cost is $6,318  with 5.4% uninsured rate, while the incomes are as following: the average median wage is $37,620 and average earnings are $58,132, mean wage is $49,510. If you are interested in more information, please see the entire article of states with the cheapest health insurance.