5 US Cities with the Highest Plastic Surgery Rates


“Beauty” is a concept. But we have been in pursuit of beauty since the beginning of time. Even though the whole concept of beauty is quite dynamic, but that does not seem to stop us from pursuing it all of our might. Thus came along the medical procedure of plastic surgery. Though the topic is quite controversial, whether it is morally right to intervene with God’s work or not, or whether going through with this procedure is a form of deception or not, we are in no position to judge nor do we want to. However, there is at least one merit to this, those who have some inherent deformity or have suffered from a horrible accident, can employ the services of plastic surgeons to great effect. But, they are not the only people who use plastic surgery, in fact they are the minority. Anyway, let us continue with today’s topic. Plastic surgery is a legit procedure in the United States, and if you can afford it, you can have it done on you, and there are many who go through this process to become “beautiful”. Our researchers have dug up relevant information and have made a rather interesting list.

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