5 Worst Star Wars Video Games of All Time


Science fiction movies have always fascinated me, perhaps it has something to do with the first ever science fiction movie I have memories of seeing with my parents. The star wars episode IV a new hope. Over the years I have seen the whole series of movies, countless times, over the years, but I never got bored with them. As with all the famous movie franchises, game developers tend to start making games based on them. Perhaps the star wars franchise has the most video game titles released after it. Since the first movie came out in the late seventies, it predates the golden age of video gaming. But as soon as the technology became available, game developers started producing games based on the star wars universe. And to this day, the trend continues.

The universe of the galaxy far, far, away is so fantastic and amazing, that gave developers had very little to re-imagine, for all it to work in a video game. There are many star wars games that have great entertainment value, and can hold its own to this day. But there are also some video games based on the movies, I wish were never made.

Are you a fan of star wars, of course you are, please go to the link, 5 Worst Star Wars Video Games of All Time to know about the video games based on star wars you better avoid.