Okay, before we delve deep into this topic, I would like to clarify one important thing that this article is not about religion, neither it is about science. The sole purpose of this article is to report to our readers about some facts regarding 6 great scientists who lost their faith, but now have regained it. It does not matter which religion they believe in, but the thing that matters is that now they believe there is a supreme being who is responsible for everything that is happening and who has created us, and this life of ours is not something that started without reason or at random. Everything has a purpose, and one day we will be held accountable for our actions by this higher being we termed God. If you think about it, most decorated and highly successful scientists are not theists, most of them believe that there is no God neither an afterlife. This life is it and after we die, that is it for us. But these scientists will beg to differ from the common norm among scientists, so we thought it would be interesting to let our readers in on this.

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