6 Best Google Apps for Chromebook


The internet and modern computers have totally changed how to go about lives today. And perhaps the next phase is going to be cloud computing, mean that we will no longer need to install software locally on our computers, rather we will rely on cloud computing. Many believe that the chrome book, the new breed of laptops, that rely heavily on cloud computing is the way forward. Instead of Windows or Mac OS, these machines run on Google’s Chrome OS. A brand new type of operating system that gives us the freedom to use online resources with a greater degree of ease. If you have bought yourself one of these chrome books, then I highly recommend that you go through our main article. This article will not only help you better understand your device’s capabilities, but also make suggestions of apps that you absolutely have to use in order make the most of your experience. Of course, there is robust third party support for chrome books already, but so far Google’s apps are the best out there. If you are wondering about which apps to use, then this is the best place for you to start exploring.

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