6 Best Places to Retire in Alaska


So, you are quite adventurous type I presume. Since you are reading through this article, that means you do consider Alaska as your retirement destination. Well, the state is not called the last frontier just for the name sake. It is in fact rather wild, remote and most certainly not for everybody. Just look at the golf course Muskeg Meadows. It is a renowned 9 hole golf course in the town of Wrangell, all golfers must abide by the raven rule, if a ball is stolen by a raven then the player may replace it without penalty, provided you can present a witness of course. So, if you do want to spend your golden years here, then you are certainly at the right webpage. As our readers come from all walks of life, we did anticipate those who are of the adventurous type as well. And with that in mind, our researchers have gathered enough data to put together this amazing list of places where you might like spending your golden years in peace. Unfortunately, I cannot get into further details in this short intro, but I will most certainly point you in the right direction.

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