6 Best Places to See in Mozambique Before You Die


Africa is a well-known tourist spot for westerners. Africa is blessed with unspoiled beauty of nature. Also the undisturbed wilderness of Africa attracts many tourists every year. Another great thing about African tourism is the cost efficiency. Compared to other renowned tourist destinations, a trip to Africa will likely cost less. Today we will be talking about Mozambique or Republic of Mozambique. It is a country located in Southeastern Africa. The features that make Mozambique as one of the best tourist destinations in Africa are, a 2500 kilometer coastline, two sun drenched archipelagos which boast innumerable opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving also to the country’s underdeveloped north offers plenty of opportunities to the hikers. The country also has a diverse population, consisting of several African tribes who are basically the indigenous population, the Arab seafarer’s  descendants who used to trade along the coastlines centuries ago and how have finally settled down in Mozambique, and last but not least the Portuguese colonists, who ruled Mozambique even up to 1975. The country is a treasure trove for any anthropologist.

If you are planning an African vacation, then by all means do visit this mystical country. You can learn about all the wonderful places you can visit in Mozambique if you click on the link that I am about to provide. At insider monkey’s blog page, we have put together a list of 6 Best Places to See in Mozambique Before You Die. Just click on the link to access the full article.