Did you know that once science was considered to be a form of witchcraft? Well, just think about what we can do these days, thanks to advancements in science. We can travel faster than the speed of sound, we can be ubiquitous while sitting in our couch with just a press of a button. We can see and talk to distant relatives from around the world and so on. No wonder those who didn’t know better compared science with witchcraft back in the day. Could you imagine, how many great minds they have burnt at the stakes in the name of religion? Thankfully, those dark days are long gone. Scientists are highly respected group of the society, and we expect a lot from them. If you are a science savvy person, then you are going to enjoy reading through the full article quite a lot. As the title suggests, today we will talk about some of the biggest science festivals around the world. And as you can imagine, these festivals are means for us to familiarize ourselves with the cutting edge technology, unless if you are in the military of course. The military tend to get the high tech toys first, and which is obviously understandable. Anyway, for us civilians these are the outlets through which we get to experience the cutting and bleeding edge of today’s science.

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