If you have been actively participating in social media networking, you have probably been exposed to the dating app scene. Dating apps are really all the rage these days, as these apps have managed provide good results consistently. Users are quite satisfied with these apps, and thus there are so many of them out there that picking the right one is just not an option, rather experimenting with quite a few of them is the norm right now. As you can see from the title of the article, we will talk about dating apps that do not require you to have a Facebook profile. But will have features like the Tinder, the swiping and all the other stuff. Well, I think I do not need to give you a brief rundown of Tinder, since you are looking for a Tinder alternative. Okay, so what options do you actually have regarding tinder like dating apps? The awesome thing is, there are quite a few apps that work like tinder but having a Facebook profile is not mandatory to create an account. Our researchers have put together an awesome article discussing these apps, let me show you how you can access it.

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