Have you ever wanted to know about the bones that are easiest to break in our body? We’ve an interesting article to share with you today about it. Insider Monkey has created a list of six easiest bones to break in your body. Let’s find out about them by taking a look at Insider Monkey’s article.

Everyone knows we have 206 bones in our body. But, only few of the people understand how strong they are. In fact, a human body is the most complex network of bones, veins and nerves. Take a look at your hand. The four fingers, a thumb and a wrist are made up of 27 bones.

Similarly, your foot comprises of 26 bones. Only your hands and feet make up about 50% of the whole bone-count in your body. After reading this post on easiest bones to break, you’ll be surprised to see how our vital body organs can be dislocated so easily and make us vulnerable in seconds. To read more, please visit 6 Easiest Bones to Break in Your Body.