6 Easiest Countries to Play as in Empire Total War


If you are into gaming then you definitely have heard the name of the “Total War” franchise. This series took the strategy game market by a storm with their first installment titled “Shogun: Total War” this franchise seamlessly combines turn based strategy and resource management, with real-time tactical control of battles. But it must be stated here, if you are looking for a light hearted and simplistic game play experience, then you will not like this game, this game allows a far greater degree of control to the player and thus you must have to pay quite a lot of attention not just on the combat aspect but economic and technological aspects as well. So, it can easily be inferred that this franchise is targeted towards the hardcore strategy fans out there. Therefore, you can expect a great deal of difficulty from it. Today we will be focusing on the fifth installment of the series titled “Empire: Total War” the premise of the game is contemporary 18th-century. You will get to choose a fraction of your liking and set out to ensure that faction’s domination over the known world through military force, diplomacy, espionage and economics.

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