6 Easiest Ways To Break Your Finger, Hand or Wrist With Little Pain


If you are looking at this article actually thinking about hurting yourself, then trust me you need help. And I do not mean it in a condescending or negative way, you are in trouble and you need help in getting out of it. The best possible solution would be to go to your family and friends, but if you are unable to do that, then there are plenty of helplines and websites out there, Google them and get in touch with them before you do anything stupid. There is always a solution, no matter how serious the problem it may be, and hurting yourself is definitely not the best solution to any problem ever. On the other hand, if you have are looking at this because the title is weird then I am sure you will enjoy reading through it quite a bit. Science is pretty cool, and if you know science you can do amazing things like a magician. Well, last time I checked breaking a bone was not a favorite magic trick of anyone but, being able to break bones without pain is something truly amazing. This article is to be used only for educational purposes and nothing else.

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