6 Facts About Operation Northwoods Conspiracy Theory


Operation Northwoods should be a familiar name to you if you have been snooping around the internet and otherwise to read about conspiracy theories. It is quite a famous conspiracy theory indeed, and in fact, it is a true one. Even though it is safe to assume that you are already know what Operation Northwoods actually is, but anyway let me give you a brief rundown of things, just in case. Operation Northwoods was a code name given to a proposed operation to overthrow the Cuban government led by Fidel Castro back in the 1962. Yes, back in the day the relationship between the communist Soviet Union and the United States were less than friendly, and it is also true that, it raised a lot of eyebrows in the United States government, when the communist resign assumed power in Cuba. The intentions of the men behind the plan had been somewhat just, but the methods they proposed were just way too radical and outright unethical by any standards. The plan was to stage attacks on United States military bases and on other United States establishments and then blame the attacks on Cubans. So that military action can be justified in Cuba by the United States and Castro regime could be overthrown by force.

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