6 Facts About Stack Ranking Employees: Methodology and Examples


Since the early childhood we have been accustomed to the idea of being scored. I mean, while in school we have been assigned grades according to our performance, and been told countless times that we need to better ourselves to move up in life. However, when we get into jobs the evaluation system still continues and now we are scored and ranked based on the performance on the job. Unfortunately, if a person under-performs on the job, he/she is going to get fired eventually. Today w are going to talk about a very harsh but effective employee ranking methodology. The stack ranking system. Which dictates that in an organization there are basically three type of employees in any give time, the top 10% of them are achieves and good workers. the other 70-80 percent is satisfactory and the last 10 percent are under achievers, who the company must get rid off in order to achieve its goals. Now this method has its fair share of controversies, but despite this this method of employee ranking system has been used by very big companies. Today we wish to share with you our findings regarding this rather controversial employee ranking method.

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