6 Female Authors With Male Pen Names


If you love reading then I am sure that you have come across the writings of the others that we are about to list in our today’s article already. The thing is, technology has advanced so far ahead that people no longer read that often. There are so many other forms of entertainment available, that reading just is not something that people do on a regular basis. There are movies, video games, the internet and so on and so forth that people rather spend their time on those than just reading books. However, there is still quite the sizeable market of readers, who prefer to read rather than watch a movie. Anyway, let’s not go off topic here, today we will share with you the real names of some female authors who have adopted male pen names. Now you may ask why they would do that, well mostly because of the sexist mentality. The sexist mentality is not prevalent nowadays, but in the past the sexist mentality was quite pronounced. People had a negative mentality towards female novelists, and the heavily underestimated the writings of female authors. This is why many talented female authors adopted male pen names. If you are liking what you are reading so far, you will definitely enjoy the full article.

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