Six Directors at National Fuel Gas Co. (NYSE:NFG) received stock grants on Tuesday for a value of $43,015.5. The grants were handed out to company Directors Ron Jibson, Davis Carroll, Craig Matthews, Philip Ackerman, R D Cash, and Stephen Ewing, who received 550 shares worth $78.21 per share.

While most of these insiders haven’t partaken in insider trades over the past fiscal year, National Fuel saw Matthew Cabell, President of Seneca Resources, unload 8,682 shares of Common Stock in May, paying a price of $75.02 per share.

On another note, this quarter showed some changes amongst hedge fund shareholder positions, with Israel Englander’s Millennium Management entering as a shareholder at National Fuel, by acquiring 88,220 shares, with a value of $6.1 million. However, the strongest position continues to be held by Mario Gabelli’s hedge fund, Gamco Investors, which owns over 3.7 million shares of the company, worth $262.2 million, and comprising 1.41% of the hedge fund’s portfolio.

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