6 Jesus and Christianity Conspiracy Theories


Just look up any topic, and you will find a few conspiracy theories about it. From government secret operations to alien visitation, conspiracy theorists have covered every single topic there is. And quite surprisingly, many of these conspiracy theories are pretty convincing. Of course, there is not sufficient evidence to prove them to be facts. But still, some of these theories do not fail to amaze us from time to time. Today, however, we are going to talk about a rather sensitive topic. You must understand, that none of the conspiracy theories that you are about read here today were given by us. We merely collected them. Since these theories are about Christianity and Jesus, we know that some people may find it offensive. However, these are the conspiracy theories that are floating about on the internet, and we merely compiled them in a list for our reader’s convenience. That is all we have to do it these theories. For the origin of these theories, you can look up the internet, in you are offended by these. Our intentions are only to make our readers aware of the existence of such conspiracy theories.

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