6 Most Adulterous Professions in America


Is it possible that your profession can make you want to commit adultery? Of course we are talking about legit professions here.  Well, on the surface of things you might answer that question with a resounding “NO”. But let me inform you that if statistics are anything, then you are wrong. Statistics clearly indicate that people involved in certain professions tend to be more adulterous. It might be the other way around as well, that people more prone to adultery are attracted to certain professions. Well, you can be the judge of that. As always, we have gone through ranking from several well know websites to conduct our research. A few that I would like to mention here are, Boing boing, Big think, and Alfa brain. As always, you can read further details of our research in the full article. Though most societies around the world are monogamous, but human beings themselves by nature prefer monogamy. Everyone knows that how terrible a thing adultery is, but yet many people engage in the act. Some scientists are saying that it is genetic. Anyway, honesty is the best policy. And being honest and loyal to your partner is the only way of being truly happy.

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