6 Most Expensive Billionaire Homes in the World


I am sure that everyone harbors the dream of becoming a billionaire someday. But unfortunately, only a lucky few manage to realize that dream, and live like kings and queens in their castle like homes. We can only read about these multimillion dollar homes, and try to imagine, how it feels to live in a place like that. Well, if you are willing to read about some of the most expensive homes in the world, then I assure you, the following article will not disappoint you one bit. Our researchers at insider monkey’s blog page, have conducted extensive research regarding this topic, and have finally managed to compile the latest list of expensive homes. If you wish to learn more about our research methodology, of course you can do that by reading the full article. We only considered the amount of money it took to construct the said residences, and not its operating expenses or its current value. From the perspective on infotainment, the article has everything, and if you wish to learn a few things about these magnificent buildings while having a good time, then you are at the right place.

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