Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend. And why should they not be, from the dawn of humanity dogs have been very close to humans. Wild dogs used to roam around the earliest human settlements in search of food. And soon after we took them in, for their incredible ability to provide us with great companionship and loyalty. Also the dogs acted as the sentries to the ancient humans, a role many guard dogs still play. Statistics show that dogs are the most common pets, among pet owners, only the cats come close in terms of number of pet animals there are. The dogs make a great pet, they do not require much attention or special facilities to keep, a couple of doggy doors and a few square meals is all it takes to enjoy the awesome company of a pet dog. Dogs are rather independent compared to other popular pets.

However, it is the responsibility of the dog owner to provide his/her pet dogs with the proper foods. Without proper nutrition like any animal the dog can suffer from diseases and in the end this can seriously affect the pet-owner relationship, as the dog will not have enough energy to give you proper feedback.

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