6 Most Expensive Longines Watches


Are you picky about your apparels? And spend some amount of time thinking about what to wear for a party, even when you have all sorts of pricy brand stuff in your wardrobe? Then my friend, I believe I will be able to help you with your collection of wristwatches. Though in recent times, pricy luxury wristwatches have become a rather niche commodity, but the market that exists for such exquisite products tend to have a very sensitive fashion sense. And unless they get their hands on the right watch, they will not stop at anything. Of course, there are many world famous brands out there that offer meticulously designed luxury watches which are nothing short of any work of art, but some brands will always stand out. If you happen to be a luxury watch admirer, then already are well aware of Longines watches. The winged hourglass, the most iconic and oldest logo of the entire timepiece industry. In 1832, Auguste Agassiz established a luxury watch house called Longines, and to this day, after more than 175 years, his legacy still continues. So, if you wish to become a part of a long running tradition, then Longines is the way to go, given that you are not very sensitive to big price tags.

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