6 Most Expensive Pens In the World


Our civilization owes greatly to the pens. Those who knew how to use the pen have always reigned supreme over those who knew how to use the sword. Thanks to the ancient historians, we can now know how the world used to be in the old days, they meticulously have written down the accounts of the past events that we study today.

It seems as if the era of pens and papers are coming to an end. The enhancements in communication technology have made it possible for us to rely less on tangible communication media. We can now send emails instead of letters and pay bills without even touching it. Though today we will be talking a loot at the pens that are exclusively used by the wealthy. These pens are exclusive to upper class because of the exquisite materials they are produced with. These pens are used as a status symbol mostly, it is only fitting to sign on a multi million dollar contract using an extravagant pen. So you can tell that these pens are no ordinary ball point or fountain pens.

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