The piano is a wonderful instrument, it not only plays very sweet, it most certainly looks amazing as well. The word piano is derived from pianoforte the name originally given to it. Though primarily this musical instrument is used in classical music, but up to this day, many modern genres also employ piano to its fullest. The only drawback to piano is its immobility, however, it has been and it still is the centerpiece of many elegant households.

For many of us learning to play the piano is a great way of dealing with stress, making the mind relaxed and have a good time after the day’s hard work. Though mastering the piano is very difficult, it takes a lot of practice, but the piano can be a good musical instrument to pick up and start playing, it is relatively easy to get a hold of the basics for the piano. This is one of the reasons for its popularity among the masses.

In modern times, the sound of the piano can be simulated using the electric keyboards, but to experience the feeling one must own an actual piano. But the piano can be a very expensive piece of equipment to own. The piano is primarily constructed of high grade wood with very precise craftsmanship, thus resulting in a higher cost. IF you are a piano enthusiasts then please follow the link to main on insider monkey’s blog page, that lists 6 Most Expensive Pianos in the World.