6 Most Fragile Smartphones That Definitely Need Protection


This story is more common than you think, I am talking about the time when for a split second you lost control or perhaps failed to notice your precious smartphone sliding off of your pocket or a table top, and you watched in agony and horror as it hit the ground, and shattered itself beyond repair. As I mentioned it is more common than you think, many of us have suffered this horrible experience. In most cases the device can be replaced with another, but the data it held, perhaps the selfie you were just about upload, may never be recovered.

In the quest for designing the ultimate smartphone, manufacturers give less priority to the longevity of the device. We have come far from the days when we used to have bricks of a cellphone, now the norm is having bigger screens, and slimmer profiles. By design cellphones or smartphones rather have become lot fragile than its precursors. By the way, its not all bad news, few minor adjustments can enhance the protection of your phone many folds, though the aesthetics may suffer a bit in the process.

Modern smartphones have serious durability issues, by design they mostly consist of a screen, meaning a small bump can result in a disaster. If you are in the market to get yourself a new shiny smartphone, you better go through the following article which deals with the 6 Most Fragile Smartphones That Definitely Need Protection to find out whether the phone you have been eying for this long is on the list or not.