6 Most Popular Musicians Who Got Discovered Online


Music is one of our favorite topics at insider monkey. Why you ask? Because, apparently it is your favorite topic as well. Anyway, let us continue with the topic at hand. Music has been a part of our culture ever since the dawn of humanity. With the passage of time, music like many things else, went online as well. In fact, statistics show that music fans are buying more digital copies of music than physical copies. Since even a well-cared physical disc will perish with time, on the other hand a digital copy will continue to function till infinity. Also, new musicians find it very difficult to get their music to the public via music publishers. Thus, many new musicians turn to online platforms where they can publish their music to billions of people without any cost whatsoever. And yes, I am talking about YouTube here. It should come to you as no surprise that a lot of established musicians of this era, actually started making music on YouTube, then they were picked up by the big music companies after recognizing their potential.

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