6 Most Popular, Powerful Chinese Zodiac Signs


Zodiac signs are an integral part of the Chinese mythology and culture. You are probably aware that every new year the Chinese assign a zodiac sign to it according to their zodiac system, and that influences a lot of things in their daily conduct, from simple business practices to major decisions. Take the year of the sheep for example, people are rather reluctant to have children during the year of the sheep, as it is the common belief that if a child is born during the year of the sheep, there is a high possibility that this child would be rather week as the sheep. On the other hand, people would like to have a baby during the year of the horse, as horse is considered one of the most strong animals in the Chinese zodiac, it represents enthusiasm, energy, independence and integrity. Unlike the most common zodiac signs of the world, in China all the twelve zodiac signs are represented as animals. There are also many differences, but talking about those in this short intro article is not going to be convenient. Rather you would find the full article much more interesting. Without further ado, let me point you to the full article.

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