Everyone on the planet is pretty much aware of Alfred Bernhard Nobel and his revolutionary creation the dynamite. Let us talk briefly about this wonder of science before we delve deep into the topic at hand. The dynamite is an explosive material, which is based on nitroglycerin. Before the invention of dynamite, nitroglycerine was in use, but the material far more unstable and volatile. There are many accidents and loss of lives that have been attributed to this substance. However, Alfred Bernhard Nobel invented a way to stabilize this volatile, but useful explosive by mixing it with some other chemicals and thus the dynamite was born, the substance which revolutionized engineering and warfare alike. He is the person who came up with the idea of the Noble prize. And today we are going to look at a rather controversial subject regarding this award. All throughout the world, people consider winning this award to be the most prestigious thing, however, because of a variety of reasons, some have in the past declined to accept this award after winning them. Today, we have decided to explore these incidents and share them with our readers.

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