6 Reasons Why Electronic Cigarettes Are Harmful


Smoking is a very bad habit. Although I cannot say that with a straight face, as I am smoking myself while I preach how bad smoking is for your health. But trust me on this, smoking is very bad for you, and I would do anything to be able to stay away from it. It costs me a lot of money every month, it is destroying my lungs and weakening my heart. And eventually I may die from it. But, quitting smoking is something extremely difficult. I have tried so many times, but I just could not quit smoking. There are several methods to help smokers quit. But as so far I could not achieve results. One very promising solution to me however was the electronic cigarettes, I thought to myself, like many other smokers who are trying to quit this habit, now perhaps I will be able to stay away from regular cigarettes for good. While electronic cigarettes are less harmful compared to the regular ones, but they are not exactly harmless. As you will learn about how they affect your body adversely if you get hooked on them.

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