6 Reasons Why People Kill Each Other In India


For the past few decades, India has really retained the spotlight on itself. The way it tackled both internal and external issues and have emerged as one of the most promising economies of the world is truly remarkable. As you all probably know, that there are around about 1.2 billion people living in India, and India has a diverse collection of cultures that make up its demographic. And that leaves some room for turmoil. And again, though the country is quite promising, but still a large portion of the population is still living on or below the poverty line. And poverty can create some serious consequences for those who are suffering from it. Such as, corruption, high rate of crime, high rate of unemployment etcetera. Today, we have decided to take a look at India from a different prospective, we will be focusing on the dark facts about India rather than the promises it is showing. Despite the recent reforms and the development of its economy, India has still a long way to go, in order to achieve the socioeconomic stability that the developed countries of the world enjoy.

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