6 Smartphones with Quick Charge: Fastest to Recharge from 0 to 100


Ever since the inception of smartphones, they have been rather dissatisfactory when it comes to battery life. It is the only area the smartphones fall short compared to the rudimentary mobile phones of the bygone era. Apart from packing a monstrous processing power, modern smartphones also have to accommodate for a large HD screen, and all of that requires a lot of power to run. The old phones did not have that issue as they were fairly simple machines with minimal power requirements. Some modern smart phones are more powerful than an average desktop computer. Now one way to deal with this issue is to increase the battery capacity, but that will hamper the aesthetics of the device, thus the ingenious idea the smartphone manufacturers have come up with is the quick charging feature. Even to this day, not every smartphone comes with it, but from the looks of it, this will soon become the industry standard. This technology has been around even before the smartphones, but thanks to smartphones popularity, it has become the tech sensation. If you are looking for some quality infotainment, I am sure the article I am about to mention will provide you with your fill.

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