Smartphones have finally enabled us to become ubiquitous. But that does not mean we can remain ubiquitous for an infinite amount of time without charging our batteries. Well, that’s the main problem with most smartphones out in the market. As the smartphones become more and more powerful, they also in turn become more and more power hungry. With wifi and a couple of apps running in the background you are highly unlikely to get through a full day without charging your smartphone. So, the smartphone manufacturing companies are trying to remedy this situation by trying our new solutions. And one such solution is remote or wireless charging. This will allow you to use your phone untethered while it’s charging. Needless to say, this does not solve the low battery life issue at all. But until someone comes up with a definitive solution for this issue, we could use wireless charging. The concept of transmission of power without wires is not new. Nicola Tesla demonstrated the technology way back in the day. If you can afford such a smartphone, this could really be a deal maker for you.

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