6 Wealthy Families Who Lost Their Fortunes


We all like to learn about success stories, how people made it from rags to riches. But unfortunately, the opposite is also true. History bears witness to many such incidents, how people descend from riches to rags. These stories are really full of melancholy. In many cases it is sheer luck that brings about the disaster, and in others, the mismanagement and lack of wisdom is the reason for this happening. But one thing is for certain, like reading success stories, you are going to like reading these stories as well. Unless, of course, you belong to one such family yourself. Today, we are about to bring you such stories, where extremely rich families lose all their fortune, in some cases in a matter of days. Though the subject matter is rather melancholy, but the stories themselves make for a very interesting read. Yes, some might argue that taking pleasure in someone’s misfortune is not good. But this is not about taking pleasure at all, it is just about realizing how things can change so rapidly, and why we should never take pride in anything and why we should always be humble.

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