7 Artificial Intelligence Companies To Invest In Now


For decades the science fiction authors have been writing about artificial intelligence, and most of them is about a grim future where the humankind has been subjugated by its own creation. To be honest, there is a possibility of such a thing happening, but for that to actually happen we need to invent the AI first. And we as a species have never come this close to creating an actual artificial intelligence as we are now. Many massive companies are investing their resources in AI research and development. If we are truly able to manufacture intelligence, the world may change as we know it. In this article however, we will be taking a look at things from the perspective of an investor. As I mentioned before, there are several massive companies working towards producing the world’s first true artificial intelligence. We have reached a position where it is only a matter of time when someone gets the breakthrough.  And as an investor, you obviously want to be on the winning side so that you can maximize your profits when the breakthrough does happen. We have managed to narrow down the list of such companies to only 7, and I am sure you would like to learn about them.

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