After Google, YouTube is the best source to get the information you want to know. In the past, in order to find out the latest information you had to use TV or had to buy the newspaper. That would take you a lot of time because you would spend your time on searching channels and you would be trying to find the channel which shows the news. But, today we have a very simplified way of getting information because we have YouTube.

Since the video format became popular on the internet, people don’t even want to read the articles to get the information and instead of that, they just want to play the certain video and find out new things. So, this platform became very popular because it offers the new and simplified way of communication. This was very interesting for people with different types of occupations like musicians, gamers or comedians. This service is free and everyone can join and show their skills or something special to the world.

So what we can see on Youtube? Which are the best Youtube channels to Watch? There is a lot of personal Youtube non-commercial channels where people use this why of communication to provide some tutorials about gaming, cooking, programming, benchmarking etc. These activities are very profitable because those people earn money from advertisement. But on the other hand, there is a lot of commercial channels which provide the good and credible information to the viewers. For example, politics. You don’t need to turn on your TV or spend your money on the newspaper to get the latest news and instead of that you can simply check your youtube channel and get the latest videos from most popular news channels.

The number 7 on this list is BBC. And the rest, you can discover through 7 Best News Youtube Channels To Watch Insider Monkey’s article where you will find out the most important channels in the news & politics category.