In todays smartphone market, there are phones of every budget. Of course the high end smartphones cost significantly more than an entry level smartphone, but a big factor in the price fluctuation here is the premium that we have to pay for owning a smartphone by a more reputed brand and not so much in terms of performance variables. In fact, there are smartphones out there which can outperform premium phones quite easily when it comes to processing power and utility. But of course, having a big price tag gives the premium phone manufacturers a bit more room to add some extra bells and whistles to their device which economy phones may lack. These are nothing that we cannot go about without having.

Also, some premium brands are trying to capitalize this niche by marketing towards them with a more simplistic version of their flagship products.

Are you looking for a smartphone that is every bit as capable as any high end smartphones, but won’t burn a hole through your pocket.Then We might have the answer that you have been looking for. I will add the link to an article where you can read all about 7 Best Smartphones Under 200 Dollars. You just might find the one phone you have been seeking from the phones listed here.