7 Biggest HBO Flops Of All Time


Most television channels these days are free, however there are a few exceptions. As you can probably guess from the title of the article, we are going talk about HBO today. Over the years HBO has given its audience some amazing TV shows to watch and enjoy. Of course, HBO is an adult only entertainment channel and most HBO shows are not meant for the entire family, but apart from that, shows like the Game of Thrones, Westworld just keeps us hooked on the television wanting more. But, there have been a few shows that did not do nearly as well as some of the big shows on HBO. In fact the shows that we are going to talk about can be considered as flops. Though we must admit that there are fans of these shows out there and we do not mean to offend them. We are merely talking about statistics here. Some things just cannot be summed up by numbers and these shows do have some merit to them as well. But compared other big HBO titles, they feel seriously lackluster. If you  are planning on watching some old TV shows and catch up, we would highly discourage you from picking any from our today’s list.

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