Our high octane lifestyle demands mobility. We are always moving, and to accommodate for this living standard, having a car is absolutely necessary. However, as things are, when it comes to cars, the American market is overflowing with foreign made cars. Why you wonder? Because, labor and parts cost way less in other countries to acquire. And in the end car manufacturing is a business, less costs translates into greater profit for the businessmen. And completely domestically produced cars have pretty much gone extinct. Today we will be talking about some automobiles that vaguely fits the description of a domestic car, because as I mentioned earlier, there exists no such thing, having a car made within America and also having 100% components made in America is no longer profitable. That is why, in 1994, the Congress was forced to pass the American Automobile Labeling Act, which defines the term American-made car. If we are to roughly summaries the act, then it says that any car that has 75% of its components made in America or Canada can be labeled as an American car. And that is the best we can get in terms of a domestic car.

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