Given the current economic conditions, retiring to a foreign country does seem like a good option. At least the statistics state as such. Many American’s who are about to retire within a couple of years have expressed such desires. And in most cases the deteriorating economic conditions and ever growing price hike has been stated as reasons. Also, there are some people who would just like a fresh new start, and for that to take place, changing the address is essential. And of course we cannot discount tourists, who often find themselves in foreign countries staying for a long time period. All these have prompted us to create an article about 7 Cheapest Countries to Live in South America. For a North American citizen, moving to a South American country is much easier, than other foreign countries, most importantly, you are not moving far away from home. South America is also home to some of the hottest tourist spots of the continent as well. So, the knowledge about the cost of living in a few South American countries can really help you out, even if you are only interested as a tourist and have no long term plan of staying there.

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